Train Bullet Proof

A leading Dubai based company, Train Bullet Proof wanted to digitize their system in order to make it more understandable and user friendly. They were trying to achieve these goals along with addressing high performances and high availability.

Train bullet proof helps struggling youth by helping them refine their physical health and train them for volleyball. They also offer courses, physiotherapy, and hire coaches to achieve these goals. CodeNinja Consulting helped them modernize their solutions across software, services, and cloud so they could cater to a high number of users, ensuring availability, scalability, and high performance.


  • Lack of symmetry across different modules of the website. The progress and updates performed inside one module often did not reflect in other modules. In fact, the system overall was poorly integrated.
  • The UI/UX design was not user friendly and hence, was not gaining any traction. The color-coding schemes were not used efficiently. Configuration and layout were also pressed with major issues.
  • The overall flow and hierarchy of the website was poorly categorized. It would take a lot of efforted time to navigate to the relevant page due to poor design. Sometimes, the sub-categories would simply not be relevant to the main category.
  • An enormous number of plug-ins were installed. Upon a holistic review, we found that more than 50 plug-ins were used to manipulate the data from one module to another or within the same module – using a large number of plug-ins reduces the speed of functionality to more than twice or even thrice in extreme cases.


  • CodeNinja incorporated a new system that had all the tabs, modules, and functionalities which were well-communicated and strongly independent. Various data holders and data manipulators were smoothly integrated, leading to a real time and unique experience.
  • We customized the UI/UX design as per standards and requirements. Both the orientation and layouts were efficiently tackled, and the icons as well as the fonts were sharply in sync with the layout. The colors used went with the theme perfectly.
    A basic hierarchy of different functionalities was established. All tabs and services were closely arranged into categories and subcategories making way for a smooth user experience.
  • The entire website had to be built from scratch due to the large number of plugins used in the previous version. The newer version we made reduced the number of plugins used to a minimum and hence, improved the the speed and reliability of the website.


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