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We are a globally recognized Magento Development Company that helps businesses and brands build exceptional e-commerce online stores that leverage disruptive technologies such as cloud deployment and data-driven insights to help extend customer reach and offer outstanding digital commerce experiences. Our Magento Development Services will help you reinvent the experiences you deliver to your customers to make them highly engaging and personalized for optimum commercial outcomes.

What does your Magento store require? More capacity, enhanced functionality, data storage, or on-call assistance – Code Ninja has the right expertise to develop fit-for-purpose solutions for each unique situation to keep your Magento E-commerce Store running smoothly and problem-free.


Start basic and progress to peak commerce with maximum adaptability, security, and scalability with Code Ninja, a top Magento Development Firm. Our exclusive E-commerce Development Expertise can help you establish an impactful digital presence. Building a Magento based e-commerce website is a specialized skill set, honed over years of hands-on experience at Code Ninja. Every page of your website is an opportunity for your business to engage meaningfully with your consumers and every page will reflect the finesse of our e-commerce solutions and overall, our Magento Development Company. We provide start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations with technologically advanced Magento Development Services.

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How it Works - Process






Magento Development Services

Considering outsourcing the technology part of your e-commerce store to a Magento Development Agency? Ways in which we can help:

Let's take your business to the next level!

Unleash the capabilities of Social Commerce with Magento & Code Ninja

  • We at Code Ninja use an agile development process for all our Magento projects. As a result, the process of process improvement remains adaptable. We provide daily status reports to keep all stakeholders updated on the project’s progress.
  • With more than a decade of experience in e-commerce solutions, we have a large number of Magento-certified developers on our team.
  • Using cutting-edge technologies, we create online applications that work flawlessly on every device or browser.
  • Our Magento professionals provide dependable and effective integrations with payment gateways, shopping carts, marketplaces, and much more.
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Magento Commerce CLOUD

Magento Cloud Services helps companies and brands to develop rapidly by increasing sales, income, and profits. As your online business grows, Magento Commerce Cloud Services provide you with the ability to seamlessly integrate your business with the rest of the internet without sacrificing speed.

  • Instant auto-scaling, staging sites, and dedicated IP addresses
  • As needed, on-site performance testing for troubleshooting and speeding up web pages.
  •  Data centres and cutting-edge caching are included in our CDN for lightning-fast loading times.
  •  24/7/365 security monitoring and support from Magento professionals, as well as on-site assistance from a Magento Master

Magento Consulting

In most cases, Magento Consulting entails working closely with our Magento Development Team to make the most of the business benefits we can provide you through new technologies. Although we can assist with the design or transformation of your technology stack if you already have a Magento development team and Magento E-commerce Website in place.

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Benefits of Magento Development

Benefits of Magento Development Company 1

Advantages of Choosing Codeninja

Top Magento Developers

Proficient & Skilled Developers | Agile Methodologies | 100% Customer Satisfaction | Competitive Pricing | Active Support & Maintenance

Mobile-First Approach

Mobile First, Content First | Aesthetically Pleasing Website | Increased Revenue | Competitive Edge | Boosted SEO Ranking

Technically Diverse Teams

Codify Best Practises | Boosted Profits And Revenue | Creativity And Innovation

Short Time to Market

Proven Track Record | Meet Deadlines | Reach Goals

Magento Design Expertise

Exceptional UI & UX | Turnkey Design & Implementation | Expert App Setup | Magento Marketing

Cyber Security Guaranteed

Maintain Secure Network | Monitor & Test Networks | Access Control Measures | Maintain Security Policy


Social Marketing | Coupons | Email Marketing | SMS Marketing | Abandoned Cart Recovery

Let's Start Managing your business!

Efficiently manage orders, inventory and support across channels

Build your Magento drop-shipping business with Code Ninja drop-shipping solution:



Website builder | eCommerce | Blogs | Forum | eLearning | Events | Live chat | Appointments


Websites for Multiple Geographies

CRM | Point of Sale | Sales | Subscription | Rental


Brand Sites

Accounting | Invoicing | Expenses


Customer Microsites

Inventory | Tomesheets | Project | Purchase | Helpdesk | Documents | Field Service


Channel Partners

Automation | Email | SMS | Social


Call Centers

Website builder | eCommerce | Blogs | Forum | eLearning | Events | Live chat | Appointments


Magento Catalog Sync

CRM | Point of Sale | Sales | Subscription | Rental


Intelligent Pricing Optimization

Accounting | Invoicing | Expenses

Magento continues to be utilized and trusted by some of the world's most well-known businesses like Coca-Cola and Ford.

Magento is used by about 12% of all internet retailers.

With Code Ninja’s Magento Development Services, you get:

  • An All-In-One Solution
  • Magento Certified Company
  • Experts in e-commerce optimization
  • Save up to 70% Cost on Magento Development
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We leverage our Magento Experience for Your Business

With extensive experience creating successful business solutions in Magento, Code Ninja has the technical know-how to deliver success with Magento solutions. 


Big Ticket B2B Brands

Got a mega e-commerce business that carries an expansive product list that ranges across multiple product categories? Code Ninja has built several such Magento based stores from scratch in the past and continues to operate, monitor, and maintain them. With such large e-commerce portals, the technology needs to be sound and spot-on while the back-end processes must be well defined, structured, and easy to use. Get in touch to take a look at one of our customers Magento based e-commerce B2B portals. 


For Entrepreneurs

E-commerce doesn't have to be exclusively for large businesses and corporations. Today, just about anyone can run an e-commerce store successfully from the comfort of their home thanks to streamlined processes such as the ability to import an entire product catalogue to your Magento based e-commerce website and set up drop shipping to enable third-party vendors to fulfil your orders. All you have to worry about is the promotion of your Magento e-commerce store via SEO  and other various strategies.  


Small & Medium Enterprises

SMEs must go online with their service and product offerings in the immediate future to stay relevant - and potentially the best way to do it is via one of the most robust and future proof platforms, Magento. In 2020, it was assessed that there were more than 2 billion buyers that shopped online. On the other hand, less than half of all small American businesses do not have a website and this number is even lower in the global context. An online store is fast becoming a necessity for small to medium-sized businesses.  



Magento is one of the best options for a marketplace. Why? Well, for starters, Magento is easily and highly customizable - making it a great option for a digital marketplace. Flexible CMS, SEO friendly platform, enhanced security, advanced reporting and search filters, big community, and a wide variety of third-party integrations are just some of the advantages of using Magento for a marketplace. So, let Code Ninja put its invaluable experience into action to create a Magento based marketplace for your business and sit back and reap the rewards.  


Creating Sister Brands

This is not exclusive to Magento and therefore it should not be on this page - please remove this section. Also spoken about sister brands in the next tile.

Managing Multiple Local Sites

Welcome to the versatile, yet simple and super easy to use Magento 2. Now you can manage multiple Magento 2 stores on a single installation per domain. This has huge benefits. E-commerce businesses can now create multiple stores in different vertices. Additionally, businesses can create sister brands to target different audiences and segments while retaining their core branding but still having subtle nuances for differentiating between segments. 

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Create Your own Remote Magento Team in less than 24 hours

  • Code Ninja can assign dedicated Magento professionals for your project, or long term for your business.
  • Select from a pool of highly qualified and experienced Magento developers.
  • Code Ninja Magento developers are well experienced in both, B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions.
  • Hiring a remote Magento team is a very cost-effective way to either augment your existing team.
  • Code Ninja remote Magento teams are capable of onboarding swiftly to begin delivering results.

Migrate to Magento 2 in a phase-wise approach

  • We can take your Magento 1 store to Magento 2 error and hassle-free. 
  • No data loss. 
  • Process-oriented Migration strategies that provide complete control.
  • Code Ninja creates a detailed step-by-step migration plan to preempt and combat any challenges.
  • We create a backup of all your files, folders, and complete database of your Magento 1 store before beginning the migration process. 
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One-step-checkout boost customer conversions by 35.26%

Stores like Nestle, EVERLAST, MAXI-COSI, Cadbury and 1000 more use one-step-checkout to increase customer conversions

  • 28% of Customers do not want to create an account
  • Global Ready – Launch across multiple countries at once
  • 21% says the process at checkout is too complex
  • 18% of shoppers need to immediately see what they need to pay
  • Magento 2 does not offer default one step checkout
  • The way forward is one-step-checkout default extension
  • No more registration of account but create seamless account creating experience as you shop
  • No more forms spreading in your entire screen
  • No more forms spreading in your entire screen

Bringing customer friction to a new low.

Magento Dropshipping

According to research by, 27% of online retailers use dropshipping as their primary method of order fulfilment. It’s challenging to use this strategy though unless you have a competent Magento drop-shipping module.

How Cdsode Ninja can not only help set up a Magento Dropshipping E-commerce Portal but help you with the “what, where, and how” of Dropshipping:


A Curated Product Hunt

Pick Your Niche | Research Profitable Theme | Winning Products


Sellable Products Using AI Technology

Data Feed from Partners | Database Schedule | AI Product Research Tools


Managing The Suppliers

Multiple Suppliers | Item Availability | Out-of-Stock Orders | Route Orders


Managing The Customers

Manage Inventory | Fulfil Orders | On-Time Delivery | CSS


Managing The Marketing

FB & Google Ads | High Conversion Copywriting | Video Content


Handling On-Time Deliveries

Consider Processing Time | ePacket | Customer Service


Reverse Logistics

Purpose-Built Returns Management App | Branded Returns Portal | Optimize Product Listings and Inventory | Automatic Notifications Via Text And Email



Social Marketing | Coupons | Email Marketing | SMS Marketing | Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Submit a request and we ‘ll get in touch within a day

Thank you for filling out your information!

We have received your message and sent you an email with the Company Profile Link at the email address you provided.

If your inquiry is urgent, please use the whatsapp number listed below to talk to one of our staff members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer Magento theme development services and have a lot of experience refining, tweaking, and in some cases doing major alterations to pre-made Magento themes. Additionally, we are just as capable of creating new website themes from scratch. After purchasing the theme, customers are expected to provide detailed guidelines on customizing it for their brand. When determining HTML Pro price, factors such as the number of hours it takes to make certain modifications and to put them on the server come into play.

We have over 30 [add number here] Senior Magento Experts on our team. We provide resources for your project based on your specifications and can increase or decrease the support level as per need. Our teams typically range in size from 1 to 15, depending on the scope of your project (we certainly provide bigger teams, but in our experience, they aren’t needed in many of the cases). Our technical architects will communicate closely with the leadership of your company during the consultation and development period of your Magento Project.

With close to a decade of rich experience, working on delivering and maintaining countless successful Magento Projects, Code Ninja has some of the best and most creative Magento Developers on their team. In addition to unmatched Magento expertise and know-how, we do all our Magento Software Development in-house for complete ownership and accountability of delivered products. This means we can course-correct on your project at any point of the development and delivery process should you feel the need to.

There are a lot of elements that determine the cost of a Custom Magento Website Development project, including the complexity of the design, features included, the number of assigned project managers, developers, and testers – based on the speed and scope of the project, integrations, and the deployment of the different technologies in use. For a rough cost, estimate get in touch with us today.

Well, that is all dependent on your website’s design intricacy, functionality, and structural complexity. In advance, we will give you an estimate of how long the job will take. Breaking the project into stages would also allow for you to have a clearer picture of the time duration and cost of such a project.

They trust our Magento Skills.

They trust our Magento Skills.

Dawn Foods, HQ Lahore

“We felt a need to go into the complete digital transformation of our company. The part of this digital transformation was to create an online store to enable our customers shop online the complete range of our food products. We wanted to have certain specialty features on our store so our CIO choose Magento for the experience. We approached CodeNinja because the kind of trust they enjoy in the market and their skill and attitude to always go extra mile. I give my complete vote of confidence to CodeNinja and their management team for such a supreme delivery”

Moin Ahmad
Marketing Head

Beautify, HQ Manchester.

“We were looking for an agency who could build our online store up and running within a week. We were advised to go for Shopify as the Magento commerce seemed to be a distant dream due to the time constraints we had. However, when we approached CodeNinja for Magento store, their solution partners helped us in laying out all our requirements. Once the requirements were so crystal, the decision to go for Magento was easy and swift. I have complete faith in CodeNinja’s ability to deliver what they say” Fahad left a 5-star review on Clutch

Fahad Bhutta

Kit & Kaboodle, HQ Dubai

“At the beginning we choose another agency for our eCommerce presence, but the kind of design philosophy we wanted to reflect in our platform was too big a deal for them to incorporate in Magento so we had to choose CodeNinja to manage the technical details with our required design aesthetics. And let me tell you, we found CodeNinja as the leading force in Magento Commerce. Their skills in Magento ranging from migration to design to inventory to integrations are unparalleled and second to None. I highly recommend CodeNinja for any of your Magento related work”

Head of E-commerce, HQ London

CodeNinja’s ability to transform our raw idea into product is terrible. Due to the scale of implementation with more than 50 integrations and multiple local sites in different countries, we needed a company which was top rated in Magento commerce and CodeNinja’s Magento shop made the cut. We look forward to a long-term meaningful relationship with CodeNinja and its management team


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