24SEVEN.pk is a leading VC backed IT company primarily known for their B2C e-commerce solutions. It helps provide ease of access by allowing customers to get their groceries delivered at their doorsteps in a short amount of time. They also collaborate with Kirana stores whereby the riders can directly get their groceries and deliver it to the customer.

CodeNinja Consulting helped them digitize their system (Kirana stores) across software, services, and cloud, making it easy for the client to manage their supply and demand cycles using modern tools and technologies.


  • The system was initially implemented using the services of an open source and basic version of Magento. The main issues were scalability and the skills required could not managed in-house.
  • The client wanted to switch their system towards Magento cloud, but they were lacking the right processes and setups, and their data was not streamlined either.
  • Their existing system had a lot of issues related to functionalities of stores due to a large number of bugs. Moreover, the user journey was not very appealing and attractive either.
  • The checkout page and forms also did not work often and the UI/UX was not up to general standards.
  • The plug-ins and extensions were not enabled and faced compatibility issues.


CodeNinja Consulting Pakistan leveraged open-source technology to streamline the business model of the client. We also helped them in digitizing their model and offered efficient product solutions.

Rather than working manually, we enabled credit scoring for vendors’ credit. The AI involved would analyze the history of any given vendor and determine if the vendor is worthy enough of giving credit (based on the score the AI provides), providing a smooth and un-interrupted business flow. This also helped the client taking a step forward in the B2B e-commerce space.

We revised the integration of the system whereby almost the entire structure was rebuilt to resolve the problems related to user journey. All the issues related to functionalities were resolved using modern tools and technologies.

Furthermore, the UX/UI design was upgraded to the required standards and the compatibility issues were resolved by enabling the extensions and plug-ins in an efficient manner.


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